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Common Pool Questions We Get From Customers

At Ambassador Pools, we are dedicated to serving the unique needs of all of our customers. We get asked a lot of common pool questions, understandable, and we want to take a few minutes to answer some of the most common ones that we receive. So, if you are doing research about getting a new above ground pool, some of your questions may be answered in this post!

Do I need to get a permit?

It depends on where you live, but most likely – yes – you will need to get a permit before any installation work can begin. The typical fee to get one will vary from city to city, but usually ranges from $100-$150.

Is it important for the ground to be level prior to construction?

Yes, this is actually one of the most important parts of the building process. We will be sure that the ground that the pool is being installed on is properly leveled before and during the construction. We will be sure the area is 1/2 inches in grade.

What kind of pump will I need?

A majority of pumps are about 110v and have a 3 foot cord that can easily be plugged in. It is going to need its own breaker and gauge wires traveling to the pump itself. If you need recommendations on specific brands for your pool, we can provide you with some suggestions of products that we know work and last.

How much will it cost to fill the pool?

Giving an exact estimate on cost for this is somewhat difficult, but it will typically range from $80-$160. Your local water company will also be able to give you an idea on costs based on how many gallons the pool will hold.

How long does it take to install the pool?

It will take roughly 1-2 days to get the pool installed, and this can vary depending on how much leveling will be required for the ground the pool will be set up on.

What should I do about landscaping?

This is often an overlooked part of the process because the homeowner is more concerned with wanting to jump in the new pool to cool off! However, you will need to think about re-seeding the area around the pool where the grass was stepped on and heavy pool parts were kept. Also, you may want to add crushed stone around the base of the pool, or you can even add on a deck for a nice place for sunbathing or placing towels.

For More Information

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