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Can You Over stabilize Above Ground Pools? – Limerick, ME

Part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford, Maine metropolitan statistical area, Limerick in York County, Maine has a population of about 3,000 and was named after Limerick in Ireland.

Limerick is set among hills and lakes, and many residents who feel hot, especially during summer, have no qualms taking a dip to cool off. However, not everyone has easy access to a swimming hole, so many have invested on an above ground pool instead.

Above ground pools are a more affordable, more practical, and easier to maintain alternative to inground pools. Both serving the same function, it’s no surprise why above ground pools are growing in popularity.

If you are an above ground pool owner, you’ve no doubt spent some time stabilizing your pool as part of your maintenance routine. However, is it possible to over-stabilize it? The answer is yes.

When stabilized sanitizers and stabilized shock products are used too often, there will be a build-up of cyanuric acid which is the chief sign of over stabilization. This is a concern because an over stabilized pool will lessen the effectiveness of chlorine in killing germs, algae, and bacteria. While cyanauric acid in small levels protect chlorine from deteriorating under sunlight, too much will render the benefits of chlorine useless and can cause more problems. Recommended levels of cyanauric acid are from 40 to 60 ppm.

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