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Calculating Your Above Ground Pool’s Volume – South Berwick, ME

A town in York County, Maine, South Berwick is home to Berwick Academy and has a population of about 7,300. Part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddefor metropolitan area, the town was first settled in 1631 and was known as Kittery Parish.

Summers in Maine can be hot humid, which makes swimming one of the top pastimes locals partake in when the weather gets hot. While trips to swimming holes and the beach can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful, many locals prefer to swim in peace and in private. This makes above ground pools one of the more popular alternatives to staying cool.

But to keep a pool clean and crystal clear, one must learn how to properly maintain it. With the help of chemicals, a pool’s water can be made clean and free from algae and bacteria. However, before one can start mixing chemicals in, pool owners should first be able to calculate how much water it holds. Here is how you go about calculating  your above ground pool’s volume.

First, to calculate pool volume, one should first use measurements in feet.

Now, to know the average depth of the pool, you can use the following formula:

(depth of deepest end) feet + (depth of shallow end) feet = ______ feet / 2 = average depth feet

To calculate the capacity of your pool, the formula differs with each pool shape.

For rectangular or square shaped pools:

length in feet x width in feet x average depth in feet x 7.5 = pool capacity in gallons

For oval pools:

length in feet x max depth in feet x average depth in feet x 5.9 = pool capacity in gallons

Finally, for circular pools:

diameter in feet x diameter in feet x average depth in feet x 5.9 = pool capacity in gallons

While keeping your pool clean is easy, many might not have the time to do it. If so, call Ambassador Pools to help you keep your pool and its water in tip top condition.

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