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Benefits of an Above Ground Pool in Newburyport, MA

A coastal city in Essex County, Massachusetts, Newburyport lies just 35 miles northeast of Boston and has a population of about 17,500. Host to a vibrant tourism industry, the city’s income is largely helped by the winter storage, mooring, and maintenance of various boats.

Given the city’s life revolving around the water, it comes as no surprise that residents look to cool themselves off with a swim when the days get hot. But not everyone has the time to visit the coast everyday, so many choose to get their own above ground pool.

If you are on the fence about purchasing one, let us tell you about the benefits of having an above ground pool.

Here are some of the benefits of an above ground pools, first and foremost, are much more affordable than inground ones. Aside from the affordable installation price, above ground pools are also easy to maintain. Built with a double drain and pump, you won’t have to purchase additional pool cleaning supplies.

The best news though, when it comes to the cost of maintaining a pool, is that above ground pools are tax-free. Unlike inground pools, owning an above ground pool doesn’t require you to pay yearly taxes on it.

Above ground pools are also generally safer, since it is built on the ground (though you can also choose to install one in the ground), kids and pets are less likely to fall in. A fence is also available and guard rails with gates can be installed to ensure the safety of your kids. And if you are really concerned, you can install a sensor to detect intruders, as well.

These are but a few advantages of above ground pools, and there are surely more. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to call the top pool providers in the area, Ambassador Pools, for more information.

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