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All About Fiberglass Swimming Pools

In recent years, there has been a boom in the swimming pool industry when it comes to building with a fiberglass frame. After all, this is a material that is known for its strength, durability, and longevity. This type of pool variety is designed to be used either partially in the ground (up to 18 inches) or completely in the ground. If a homeowner is interested in having a fully on-ground fiberglass swimming pool installed, it will need extensive backfill material used to keep it supported and in place.

Reasons Why Homeowners Want This Type of Pool Installed

1. They think it will be less expensive. Just because a pool is built partially out of the ground, it doesn’t mean that you will be saving any money. The only savings you will receive will be in the form of less backfill material being used if the pool is built partially in the ground or completely in the ground. However, these savings are typically offset by the fact that a framed deck will need to be added. The cost of a deck will depend on what material it is made out of (i.e. wood or concrete), and how much excavation is going to be required.

2. The homeowner wants their pool to be built about the flood plain in their yard. When you have a fiberglass pool elevated above the ground, it can naturally help to prevent flooding into the pool if it is installed in a low-lying area of the lawn. Generally speaking, to prevent this problem entirely, it will just be best to install the pool in an area that isn’t prone to flooding. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary damage and headaches further on down the road.

3. The homeowner wants to have a level pool deck coming off of a higher level on the home. If you want the pool to be above 18 inches on the ground so that it can be attached to a deck or patio that you have coming off of the second story of your home, then it must be custom-built from the manufacturer, and it also must be supported by an additional retaining wall.

4. The pool is going to be built on a hillside and the homeowner wants the hill to be left exposed on the side. This is a great idea if the pool is no more than 18 inches above the ground. If it is any higher than this or lower than this, there can be issues with erosion of the backfill soil or of the hill itself over time.

Getting Your Own Pool: What’s Next?

Fiberglass pools are just one variety that is available to area homeowners. It is important to understand that there are many styles that you can choose from, and it will be best for you to speak with a pool professional so that you can make an educated buying decision for your home’s unique needs, and for your spending budget.

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