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Adding Chlorine to Your Above Ground Pool in Cornish, ME

A town in York County, Maine, Cornish has a population of about 1,400 and is part of the Maine metropolitan statistical area. What started out as a trading post in 1665, Cornish has grown to a town that borders the towns of Hiram, Baldwin, Limington, Limerick, and Parsonsfield.

Like all the other towns and cities near it, Cornish tends to have hot and humid summers. On days like these, locals would much rather spend time in their own pool to cool off.

For those who already own a pool, you might have considered adding chlorine to it. If the alkalinity and pH levels of your pool are not correct, by adding chlorine to your above ground pool, you can fix it. Though this depends on the present chlorine levels and the type used.

Why add chlorine? Because UV light degrades chlorine rapidly, and if your pool is lacking in it, you might consider adding more. Take note that because of the effects of UV light, chlorine should only be added in the late afternoon or early evening so that the sun won’t affect the mix.

Sufficient pool cleanliness can be attained by keeping chlorine levels at 1.0-3.0 ppm. However, if you find your pool having large quantities of chlorine, or if you notice a strong smell around the pool, you might need to shock treat the water.

Shock treating involves adding huge amounts of non-stabilized chlorine or non-chlorine oxidizers to the pool.

If you need more help regarding your above ground pool, feel free to call Ambassador Pools and consult with their experts. Above ground pools are a great investment, and whether you own one already or are just planning to get one, it’s recommended you consult with an expert from Ambassador Pools.

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