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Above Ground Pools Vs. Inground Pools in Essex, MA

Essex, MA is just 26 miles to the north of Boston, it has a population of about 3,500. It was once a major shipbuilding center and one of its main sources of income today is seafood. It’s no wonder why residents here have a close relationship with water.

Above Ground Pools Vs. Inground Pools in Essex, MA

When the weather turns hot, it is just natural for Essex residents to jump in a pool to cool off. But not many people own their own pool, and a lot of folks may be planning to get one. But which kind should you get? – a traditional inground pool or the more modern above ground pool? What’s the difference? Aside from one being placed in the ground and the other on the ground (which is not at all an issue since above ground pools can also be placed in the ground if so desired), there are several other differences that can help you make a decision. Here are a few:
– Inground pools are a pain to maintain, while above ground pools are virtually maintenance-free. This alone can sway the decision over to above ground pools, and rightly so.

– On-ground pools are more practical. Aside from the lower installation costs, above ground pools won’t require you to buy additional pool cleaning tools. Although, if you are willing to spend a little bit, above ground pools can be outfitted with various deck design made from wood, stone, or other materials.

– If you plan to move homes in the near-future, you can take your above ground pool with you. Since above ground pools are virtually stand-alone structures, it can be taken down and moved to a different location, whereas with inground pools, this is impossible.

– While being more affordable, perhaps the best reason people choose above ground pools over inground ones is the yearly tax. Above ground pools won’t have you paying yearly taxes on it, unlike the case with inground pools.

While inground pools and on-ground pools may seem vastly different, both are similar in terms of their function. If you are thinking of getting an inground pool to be used for swimming laps or playing water sports, be aware that above ground pools are available in rectangular shapes that enable you to do the same thing.

More affordable, more practical, more efficient, and more customizable, above ground pools are arguably better choices than inground pools. While both kinds have their own following, the decision over which to choose is ultimately up to you. To learn more about above ground pools, call some of the best pool providers in the area -Ambassador Pools – and ask why their pools are better.

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