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Above Ground Pools and Water Conservation in Beverly, MA

A city in Essex County, Massachusetts, Beverly is a resort and residential community that is a rival of Marblehead for being the birthplace of the US Navy. Given the nature of the city and its history, residents here have a special affinity to water.

While swimming is a huge part of its culture, not many can drop by the resort anytime to take a dip. Which is why a number have their own swimming pool built, but inground pools can be quite expensive, so many consider above ground pools instead.

April is Water Conservation Month, and while above ground pools are probably the furthest things on people’s mind when it comes to saving water, it doesn’t mean you still can’t conserve it.

Here are some water conservation tips you can easily follow:

Maintaining pool filters
A properly maintained pool filter can reduce the contaminants in your pool, which also keeps your filter working properly. A dirty pool filter will need to be backwashed to have it cleaned and this is the biggest waste of water. With proper maintenance, you won’t have to backwash often.

Sealing leaks and cracks
Cracks can cause leaks, and while some are more noticeable than others, you should also check the pool’s pipes and valves. Just a small crack can cause a massive amount of water to leak. If you see any cracks in your pool or pipes, have it sealed or repaired immediately to avoid bigger issues in the future.

Heating your pool
When the weather is hot, shut down your pool heater to reduce the temperature of the pool, and in turn, limit the pool’s evaporation rate. To help you keep the pool warm in the summer months, use a pool cover to trap the heat from the sun. A pool cover will also help in reducing evaporation. Not only will you save water, you save money, too.

Though we are in the middle of Water Conservation Month, you can follow these tips the whole year to save you money and water. Having an above ground pool does not mean you won’t have to save water. Be informed.

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