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Above Ground Pool Safety in Amesbury, MA

A city in Essex County, Massachusetts, Amesbury was a former farming town that is, today, largely residential. Summer months in Amesbury can be hot, so many residents look to pools to cool off, and many are looking to purchase their own.

However, inground pools are prohibitively expensive which is why those who need a pool for their home are looking at above ground pools. Significantly more affordable and practical than inground pools, above ground pools are slowly rising in popularity.

Above ground pool safety is important. To ensure maximum safety, here are a few products you can use for your above ground pool.

Though fences are not required with above ground pools, having one can help make it safer. A fence installed on the top edge, as well as along the stairway that leads to it, can help minimize falls and give people something to hold on to, especially when things start to get wet.

To stop kids from entering the pool unsupervised, you should also have a gate to make sure they don’t wander in without you knowing – which brings us to the next product – pool alarms.

Above ground pool alarms are simple to use and employ a sensing method that can detect intrusions by individuals that weigh 18+ pounds. This 18-pound limit is to prevent the alarm from going off whenever a stray leaf or branch falls into the pool area.

You can also have pool signs installed around the pool area to remind swimmers not to jump or run around the pool. The common “Slippery When Wet” sign is also a favorite.

Other safety accessories that can prove useful are lifesaver rings and a Shepherd’s Crook to help reel in individuals in trouble.

Above ground pools are similar to inground pools in form and function. This means that inground pool safety applies to above ground pools, as well. The only thing that differs really is the price. But just because a pool is significantly more affordable does not mean that you should scrimp on safety products.

Be safe and have fun! To learn more about above ground pools, call Ambassador pools today!

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