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Above Ground Pool Safety Equipment – Parsonsfield, ME

A town in York County, Maine, Parsonsfield is also part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan statistical area and has a population of about 1,900. With a topography that’s rough and hilly, and only 1.02 sq miles of its total 59.91 sq miles being water, swimming in Parsonsfield is a luxury.

To beat the lack of swimming holes in the town, many residents are taking matters into their own hands by getting their own above ground pool. While more affordable, practical, and relatively safer than inground pools, owners should still practice due diligence in the maintenance and safety features of their pool.

Here then, are some safety tips above ground pool safety equipment owners should know:

Use a fence

A fence around a pool may not be crucial, but adding at least a 4-foot tall enclosure around it can greatly improve safety. Be sure that the gates are self-latching and is equipped with permanent locking to help keep wandering toddlers out. Also, check with your local and state building codes as well to ensure the installation complies with the law.

Pool covers

When getting a pool cover, be sure it complies with the CPSC Standard ES13. Covers must have a positive tamper-proof loving retainer cable to keep it in place, and never let anyone, most especially small children, walk or play on top of the pool cover.

Electrical hazards

When something is wrong with your filter or other electrical equipment nearby, be sure to never handle it when your body or the ground is wet. To avoid any hazard, electrical power sources should be protected by a Class A (5 milliampere trip) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) as stated in the National Electrical Code Section 680.

These, any many more safety tips and equipment can be gleaned from Ambassador Pools. If you are looking to improve the safety features of your above ground pool, be sure to contact the pool experts at Ambassador Pools – where above ground pool experts are ready and willing to help you any time with all your above ground pool needs.

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