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Above Ground Pool Placement Tips in Acton, Maine

Acton, Maine – a suburban town in Middlesex County, it lies 21 miles west-northwest of Boston and has a population of about 22,000. One of the wealthiest towns in the country, Acton has a rich and full history that dates back to the time of the first Indians 7,000 years ago.

With two primary stream systems, water plays a huge part in the lives of Acton’s residents, which makes it natural for locals to seek out water when they want to cool off.

One of the more popular pool choices these days are above ground pools, and it’s easy to see why since above ground pools are more practical, more affordable, and highly customizable.

If you plan on getting one, or already bought one but haven’t decided where to place it yet, here are some things to consider regarding pool placement.

Sunny areas – keep your pool warm and minimize the amount of leaves and debris that can clutter your pool.

Wind breaks – wind can hasten evaporation, so consider the placement of trees, fences and other wind breakers to lower heat loss in your pool.

Entryway – be aware of your pool’s accessibility, and take into account the patios, walkways and deck you may want to add.

Equipment shed – many opt to build a small shed where their pool equipment can be placed. Aside from protecting the equipment, it can also be made to become an attractive addition to your landscaping. Also, it’s better to have the shed close to the pool rather than far away.

There are other factors to consider, of course, but these are the basics that you may want to think about when deciding where to place your pool.

If you need more information about above ground pools, or need help regarding its placement, feel free to call Ambassador Pools today!


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