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Above Ground Pool Deck Design – Lawrence, MA

A city in Essex County, Massachusetts, Lawrence is located on the Merrimack River with a population of about 77,000. A manufacturing city, some of its products include electronic equipment, textiles, footwear, paper products, computers, and foodstuff.

After a long day of work, many Lawrence residents yearn for the cool embrace of water to de-stress. Some take to the river to cool off, but most won’t be able to. This is why many choose to get their own above ground pool so they can relax by taking a dip anytime.

Many think of above ground pools as just that – above ground. Thus, a lot feel the aesthetic value of these pools aren’t as refined as inground pools. This is a myth. Above ground pools can be made to look just as, if not more, beautiful than inground ones.

What makes above ground pools more presentable are its decks, which can be built in any shape or size. There are three basic pool deck design categories one can choose from: full-surround, side deck, or a hybrid of both.

A full-surround deck is one of the more popular designs and is often built in an oval or circular shape. The design allows people to approach the pool from any direction, and makes cleaning it easier.

Another popular design is side decking. This is built against the side of the pool but doesn’t go around it like full-surround decks. Usually, the shape of these is rectangular or crescent shaped. It can be built to accommodate just a ladder, or large enough to have lounge chairs and a picnic area in it.

Finally, there is the hybrid. A combination of the two above, this design offers pool owners the best of both worlds. Completely hiding the pool walls, you can approach the pool from anywhere, and have space for lounge chairs and other activities, as well.

From these three basic shapes, you can go wild with your imagination and design the pool deck that suits you. Materials can range from wood to stone and everything in between, so creativity is the only thing that limits you.

Whoever says above ground pools aren’t as pretty as inground ones, obviously hasn’t seen an above ground pool owner with enough imagination.

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