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Above Ground Pool Cartridge Filter Maintenance in Rockport, MA

A town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Rockport is located at the tip of the Cape Ann peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. The area is considered one of the best fishing areas in New England, and is home to a number of lobster fishermen. Today, it is a suburban residential and tourist town.

Since its rocky beaches and seaside parks are a favorite for tourists, residents have to find alternative ways to cool off in the summer without having to deal with the crowds. While owning an inground pool can be rather expensive, above ground pools offer the best alternative with their efficiency, practicality, and affordability.

Above ground pools require little maintenance compared to inground ones, and are installed with a double drain and pump to clean the water. But every once in awhile, you might find the water clarity to be less than ideal. This is caused by many things, but the most important factors are: chemical balance, quality filtration, and adequate circulation.

When your pool has water clarity issues, the first thing you should ask yourself is  when did you last cleaned the pool cartridge filter? Sure, other factors may come into play, but your pool’s filter should be investigated first since this is the part that is most easily forgotten.

A pool cartridge filter captures tiny pposts as the water passes through it which, over time, can build up. A dirty filter reduces the pump’s efficiency and circulation by as much as 80%, making your pool’s water dirty.

The frequency on which you should clean your pool’s filter depends on the size of the pool, and it can range from every 1 to 3 weeks.

If you are having water clarity issues with your above ground pool, check your filter first. If you aren’t sure how, or if you need help, feel free to call Ambassador Pools and let a professional help you.

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