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Above Ground Pool Care in Lynnfield, MA

A town in Essex County, Massachusetts, Lynnfield is home to an agricultural population and has a mixed culture. With a population of about 12,000, the town was once made up of two separate villages, merging to become one of the most prosperous suburbs in the area.

When the summer months come in, many Lynnfield residents who want to relax and cool off, look to above ground swimming pools. Why? They’re much more practical, affordable, and efficient than inground pools.

While maintenance requirements for above ground pools are less than inground ones, to prolong the life of your above ground pool, one should still practice due diligence in doing pool care of it properly.

An above ground pool usually has a life span of about 15 years, though it’s not uncommon to hear of owners prolonging theirs for more than 20 years. The secret is proper maintenance.

Always check your pool liner, the pool filter, and the pool structure itself. If there’s a leak, fix it. If there are signs of rust, replace it, and basically, if something does not seem right, try to make it right.

An above ground pool can give you years of enjoyment if given the proper care and attention. While its lifespan may not seem long enough for some, it can be made to last indefinitely if you replace what needs to be replaced, and fix what needs to be fixed. Just like a car, make sure everything about the pool inside and out works as it should.

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