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Above Ground Pool Algae Types in Sanford, ME

A city in York County, Maine, Sanford is the seventh largest municipality in the state with a population of about 21,000. Nestled on the Mousam River, Sanford features many lakes in wooded areas which make it attractive to campers.

While lakes abound in Sanford, when summer comes around, many residents don’t feel like traveling to the woods just to take a swim. This is one of the reasons why many choose to get their own above ground pool.

While easy to maintain, above ground pools are still as susceptible to algae as inground pools. But do you know the types of algae that might infest your pool? Here are the more common types:

Green Algae
Usually floating in the water or forming on the side, green algae takes on a dusty green appearance. If left unattended, this can completely render your pool opaque.

Yellow Algae
With an appearance that’s mustard in color, this is also called mustard algae and usually form on the shady sides of your pool

Black Algae
Also appearing in a blue-green color, this type of algae usually forms in about inch or so sized spots just on the pool’s surface

Proper chlorination is your best defense against algae. However, if they start forming, normal levels won’t be able to control it and the water must be treated with 30 ppm of Free Chlorine.

To learn more about algae types and how to fight them, call Ambassador Pools. Ambassador Pools provide its customers with quality service no matter your above ground pool concern.

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