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A Better Pool Alternative in Shinnston, WV

A city in Harrison County, West Virginia, Shinnston is a former coal town that rests along the West Fork River. With a population of just 2,201, it is the perfect spot to have lazy weekends spent lounging in your very own backyard pool. However, backyard pools are not too common due to high costs and upkeep, thus many are forced to relax through different means. But what if there was a better, pool alternative for your backyard? Ambassador Pools has the perfect solution – a nice on-ground pool.

On-ground pools are considered the better alternative to inground pools for many reasons. The first is its affordability. Aside from being much more affordable to install, it also requires no maintenance whatsoever. It will be installed with a double drain and pump that handles the cleaning of the water, which means you don’t have to buy extra pool cleaning materials. Also, you don’t need to spend extra on special fences that inground pools require. What’s more, above ground pools are not taxed yearly, unlike inground ones.

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