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5 Benefits of Above Ground Pools – Biddeford, ME

Biddeford is the sixth-largest city in Maine with a population of about 21,300. First settled by Europeans in 1616, it is one of the earliest European settlements in the country. Lying in the humid continental climate zone, you can expect winters to be cold, while summers are hot and humid.

Unsurprisingly, when summer hits, many Biddeford residents want to cool themselves off as often as possible. To achieve this, many look to having their own pool. The choice between getting an inground one or an above ground pool is a personal one, but nevertheless, here are 5 benefits of an above ground pool you might want to consider:


While inground pools can cost tens of thousands of dollars, above ground pools cost a much lower price.


Installing an inground pool can take a month or so. Compare that to above ground pools, which can take only a day or so to install, and you would understand why many prefer eliminating wait times by choosing above ground pools .

Space Management

Some inground pool sizes start at 17 feet in diameter. If you don’t have space for that, then above ground pools are your only option since they come in various shapes and sizes. You can easily choose an above ground pool that fits your allocated space accordingly.


If you plan to transfer your inground pool from your old home to a new one, it would involve tearing things down that would affect the entire property’s value. But with above ground pools, all it takes is dismantling and having it reinstalled to wherever you plan to move to next.


Maintaining and cleaning above ground pools is easier than inground pools since you won’t have to deal with hidden parts. Above ground pools have easily accessible parts that would make maintenance a breeze.

To learn more about above ground pools, or if you plan on getting one soon, call Ambassador Pools today. One of the finest pool providers in the area, Ambassador Pools can help you with all your above ground pool needs anytime.

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