Three Way Filtration

No reason for never-ending vacuum-cleaning to keep water glistening in your Kayak above ground pool with our three way filtration systems. The base drain perpetually filters out deposit, so you will spend less time on chores and a lot more time in the swim of things! And you want to spend as much time as possible having fun - not having to clean them constantly.

Above Ground Pool - Three Way Filtration


  • Filter element eliminates dirt 10 to 15 times greater than sand filters of comparable size
  • Eradicates back washing – economizes on water and chemical cost
  • Quiet, efficient pump includes large-capacity strainer with see-through lid


Updated guidelines were recently issued to reflect alterations in state, federal and local codes, advocating multiple drains. In an effort to advance improved safety consciousness in those who buy or install our pools and liners, we recommend owners to retrofit their existing model with a second primary bottom drain. (Ambassador Pools issues clients with a free supplemental main bottom drain with every new liner purchase.)