The Foundation

Kayak Above Ground Pool - Foundation

We build Kayak above ground pools from the ground up to last longer than all other varieties! To protect your landscaping, family and friends, no expense has been spared, and no item has been left out in the assembly of your component parts. Only state-of-the-art, leading edge materials are used, each item passing our rigorous inspection.

Quality from the bottom up

In order to have a permanent foundation, Ambassador Pools policy is to build in quality from the bottom up!

  • All pieces are cut in full length and width sizes – meaning no assembling together, no unnecessary joined edges
  • We lay down 4.75-inch-wide one piece bottom channels of the heaviest class extruded aluminum employed in the industry today
  • 30-year structural guarantee
  • Our dedication to customer satisfaction results in the strongest and most secure installation available today!

We've engineered the perfect water walls

Engineered by Kayak, we use the perfect wall. Recent improvements in materials engineering make Water Walls impermeable to wood-destroying weather, water and insect degradation. These walls are so substantial, you are able to leap or kick off of it! When they're up, you'll never have to give it a second thought – meaning your thoughts can center on the play and physical exercise you will savor!